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Neunaber Audio Illumine: the ultimate reverb pedal?

Neunaber Audio Illumine: the ultimate reverb pedal?  ·  Source: Neunaber Audio


The new Neunaber Audio Illumine could well be the ultimate reverb pedal, combining studio-grade reverb algorithms into a compact unit. With 17 reverb effects, up to 100 individual presets and MIDI-control, this compact black reverb pedal packs in the features.


Neunaber Audio Illumine

Neunaber Audio are calling its new Illumine pedal the “the ultimate reverb machine”, which is a bold claim from the Californian-based brand. But they could well be right. This little black pedal has some great features and plenty of user-friendly options, including 100 individual presets.

The unit has a high contrast, wide-viewing angle display and two footswitches to engage the reverb effect and scroll through presets. There are also two assignable rotary controls to edit presets and parameters with.

You have an analogue dry signal for lower noise floor and, of course, zero latency, which is always welcome. Plus, it has an adjustable gain structure so that it will work with both instrument or line-level inputs.

Neunaber Audio Illumine

Neunaber Audio Illumine

17 Reverb Algorithms

Amongst the 17 reverbs included, you get Plate, Hall, Vintage Digital, Spring, Bloom, Shimmer and Rumble. You can tweak and edit each one of these, and store them in one of the 50 user-made preset slots available. There are also 50 factory presets which, Neunaber says, were ‘professionally crafted’. You also get the Wet v3 effect, which is identical to the W3T reverb preset found in the Immerse MkII pedal.

Control Options and Outputs

The pedal comes with MIDI input and output (via 2.5 mm TRS mini-jack cables), which can be used to trigger the MIDI controller mode. You also get top-mounted input and output jacks for both stereo or mono setups. Then, factor in the handy expression pedal port, meaning the Illumine’s reverb parameters can be controlled via a foot controller if needed.


Another good thing is that you don’t need a proprietary power source to run the pedal, it can be run from a standard 9V, 100mA pedal power supply (not included). This way, you can use your regular pedalboard power supply with no hassle.

Neunaber Audio ILLUMINE Inputs and Outputs

Neunaber Audio “the ultimate reverb machine” Illumine pedal with MIDI and more!

Introductory Pricing

The new Neunaber Audio Illumine is expected to be out in late August, with a nice introductory price of $379. I think that’s quite reasonable for a reverb that sounds great, and has all these control functions available. You can hear it in the official demo video below, or follow the link to the official launch page for more details.

RRP – Introductory Price USD 379 rising to USD 479 

More Information in Neunaber Audio

Illumine Demo video

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Neunaber Audio Illumine: the ultimate reverb pedal?

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