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Serato Stems

Serato introduces Stems.  ·  Source: Serato


From one of the world’s most popular digital DJ platforms, Serato Stems is a new feature that allows you to isolate the individual parts of a song. This machine-learning assisted feature is available live while you perform, adding a new dimension to the software.


Although live stem separation may be new to Serato, it’s certainly not a new feature to DJ software. To cut through the hype, let’s take a closer look at Serato’s take on it, and we’ll get an idea of what makes it unique.

How to use Serato Stems

Stems can be used on any deck within Serato, allowing you to create instant beat breaks by isolating the drum track or acapella loops by isolating the vocals. It opens up the possibilities for live looping and remixing on the fly, and you can remove unwanted elements from tracks for more seamless mixing.

Being able to isolate each individual element means you can mute, or solo each of the four elements: Vocal, Melody, Bass, and Drums. The crucial talking point is: will this feature replace EQ in your DJ workflow? The answer is a resounding no. EQ is a consistent tool that focuses on the same frequency bands regardless of the track playing.

Stem separation works algorithmically, which means every track you process may yield different results. Of course, once you are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of this feature and how it deals with your favourite records, you might feel more comfortable. However, this is still not convincing enough yet for the average DJ to quit EQing their mixes.

Serato Stems

A closer look at the Stems interface. · Source: Serato

Pricing and availability:

Serato Stems is available free with Serato DJ Lite 3.0 and DJ Pro 3.0, you can access the public beta currently via the Serato official page.


More about Serato Stems:



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Serato Stems

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One response to “Introducing Serato Stems, a ground-breaking new DJ performance tool”

    Mj says:

    as it stands, it sounds terrible. the aliasing of the stems is ridiculous. Traktors approach to stems was far more effective.

    they sound horrible on 4″speakers, what I nightmare in a full club system.

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