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Inear Display Cruelle

Inear Display Cruelle  ·  Source: screen shot

Contrary to our desire for pure, pristine audio we also like to break, mangle and destroy things. Cruelle from Inear Display could be just the thing to help us get aggressive with our sound. This isn’t about warmth and vintage tone, this is digital distortion and it’s brutal.


Cruelle combines an audio rate-modulated analogue-style filter with an adjustable and fed-back digital distortion module. It’ll turn anything into a glitching, screaming monster of messed up noise. The resonance and feedback knobs bring the pain while the cut-off and audio rate apply the pressure. Take your sound out of the mellow and into the violence… While I’m enjoying these distortion inspired hyperboles maybe I can crowbar in some apocalyptic tremors.

Cruelle is a distortion plug-in…

…that’s particularly good at glitches, artefacts and edgy, noisy effects. The scalable and multi-touchable interface is surprisingly clean and well laid out giving simple controls over what’s going on. It comes with over 40 presets, and you can morph between distortion algorithms, set the filter pre or post distortion and use the available parallel outputs for all 4 filter types.

That’s a lot more fun to play with than I thought. It’s always nice to be surprised by a plug-in. Placing the filter before or after the distortion gives you some really interesting variations and approaches to the sound. The feedback and drive is simply bonkers, bringing in all sorts of bleeping and screaming. You instantly know where you’re going to put it and for an introductory price of €9 why wouldn’t you?

More information on the Inear Display Cruelle is available on their website. 


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