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Inear Display Lancinantes

Inear Display Lancinantes  ·  Source: Robin Vincent, Kat Jayne


Lancinantes is a drone synthesizer from Inear Display. The name (according to Wiktionary) seems to indicate ideas of pain, headache, stabbing, noise and lancing but should that really be a key feature? 



It has a simple, clean and scalable interface. Three oscillators can be quantized to a selected scale, creating chords if you like, mixed with a sub oscillator and some noise and then are left to find their own way to penetrate your senses. The heart of Lancinantes is the randomised modulation of the harmonics. Each partial has a random amplitude modulation applied to create perpetual subtle variations. You can select between 4 and 32 harmonics and they gentle pulse, grow, fade and glow away in the bottom right corner.

After the mixer the sound runs through a filter with drive and resonance. Then you have a delay effect and finally a reverb. But it’s when you start messing about with the “Randomizer” that the pain begins. You can randomise each section individually with the click of a button or hit the “Everything” button to generate a whole new world of hurt. The sound quickly begins to sear, starts to take your head apart and wraps you up warmly in blankets of ice. And it’s relentless, it keeps on going, hitting points of misery, moments of joy, and pulling out involuntary screams. This thing is awesome.

Inear Display suggests that the fun/horror really starts when you automate the parameters. I would really like to have seen a bank of slow-moving LFOs built into Lancinantes so that you don’t have to move into your DAW to apply some modulation. But otherwise I am very slowly losing my mind, my sense of self-being totally erased as I devolve into a puddle on the floor.


Here’s a sound example, but just download the demo and try it for yourself. And if you want to keep it then it will set you back a whole €20.

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Inear Display Lancinantes

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