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IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X

IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X

IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X  ·  Source: IK Multimedia


There’s always room for another Hammond organ virtual instrument and this time it’s as authentic and real as it can possibly be because it was developed in partnership with Hammond USA and Suzuki Music Corp.


Hammond B-3X

IK Multimedia has been meticulous in the recreation of this classic organ. They’ve pulled together the manufacturer, enthusiasts and artists to build what they hope will be the definitvie B-3 organ. This is the first time Hammond USA has put their name on a virtual version of this famous organ. All the previous ones from Native Instruments, AAS, Arturia and dozens of others have never had permission to use the full name. So this time, it’s for real.

Hammond USA Executive Vice President Peter Nguyen shared:

“We’re excited about the very first official Hammond/Leslie Virtual Instrument, and the partnership with IK Multimedia which made it happen. The teams certainly captured the qualities that have made the Hammond Organ an essential part of music for the past 85 years.”

The Hammond B-3X begins with 91 tonewheels. These free-running tonewheels are mixed in real-time based on the notes played and drawbar levels, for authentic realism. The instrument was modelled on a select group of hand-picked B3 and A-100 organs chosen for their unique history and a range of styles. All the controls have been modelled and approved by the Hammond Organ Company. You can do tonal filtering, independent key clicking, add in the classic percussion sounds, chorus, vibrato and all that jazz. There’s simulations of aging, generator leakage, crosstalk and all the effects of a nicely worn-in instrument. The whole thing is designed to replicate the experience of playing a genuine Hammond organ.


Then IK has added a bunch of stompbox effects on a 5-unit pedalboard with overdrive, EQ, chorus, vibrato, wah wah and spring reverb. Finally you get the Leslie at the end of the chain, this strange box of spinning sound that underpins that signature sound. It offers 5 Leslie power amps and 2 guitar amps to use with 5 Leslie cabinets. There are controls over EQ, low and high pass filters and the all important acceleration and deceleration as well as mic position.

This should probably be the last word on the Hammond B3 organ and IK has pulled out all the stops to deliver the most authentic experience possible.

Hammond B-3X is available for Mac and PC, standalone or as a plug-in for an introductory price of $199.

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IK Multimedia Hammond B-3X

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    Moses Burton says:

    Dose this Hammond organ portable keyboard come with foot/bass pedals?

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