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IK Multimedia Fender Collection 2

IK Multimedia Fender Collection 2  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Fender Collection 2

IK Multimedia Fender Collection 2. New updated and with 7 new amp models  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

The new Fender Collection 2 software package from IK Multimedia is out now. It’s an evolution of the company’s Fender package and brings some nice upgrades, as well as a new “Dynamic Interaction Modeling” algorithm.

Fender Collection 2

Let’s start off with some of the juicy stuff: What exactly is new about version 2? Firstly, these are officially certified Fender amp models. It’s good to hear that Fender are involved, as you can expect these recreations to be accurate enough to meet their standards.

There are 7 new amp models and matching cabinets to choose from, and they use the new Dynamic Interaction Modeling algorithm from IK. They are: ’65 Super Reverb, ’53 Bassman, ’57 Bandmaster, ’57 Custom Champ, ’57 Custom Deluxe, ’57 Custom Pro-Amp and a ’57 Custom Twin-Amp. These are some choice amps, and if they sound good I know I could find a use for all of them in my recording setup.

IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia are well known for their software guitar amp modelling. I have yet to try this new version myself but I have owned the original version. Their trademark feature is that these emulations are fun to use and easy to integrate into your DAW, or to use as a standalone virtual guitar amp.

But it’s time for full disclosure: I have been using Ampitube software since day one, and have even held a few guitar events myself where I have had them come along and get involved – so I might be a little biased! And yes, I really like the company on a personal level. But being as objective as I can be, I feel that their amp models genuinely sound good, fit well in a mix and are easy to dial in and use, which is an important aspect for a Luddite like me!

I have yet to try this new package out, but you can download a free trial of the software from IK’s site here and so at some point very soon I will be loading it up and giving it a whirl. The software supports VST, AU and AAX plug-in standards or can run as a 64-bit standalone application on Macs and PCs.

Now go and check the videos below, the brilliant Greg Koch is demoing in one of them!

IK Multimedia Fender Collection 2 – RRP €119.99  inc VAT for Mac and PC



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