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Fulltone OCD in Amplitube

Fulltone OCD in Amplitube  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

Fulltone rack in Amplitube

Fulltone rack in Amplitube  ·  Source: IK Multimedia


IK Multimedia have announced a new collection of effects for their Amplitube software. The Fulltone collection contains 3 of their most sort-after effects. The emulations are sound-certified by Fulltone themselves and are available via the Custom Shop.



Founded by guitarist Michael Fuller in 1991 Fulltone aimed to recreate vintage pedals in a more modern, reliable and rugged way. That’s completely irrelevant when it comes to software emulation, but without the efforts of Fulltone many of these classic effects would have been stomped into oblivion many years ago. Fulltone and IK Multimedia got together to secure the digital future of 3 of their most classic hardware.

TERC – That 80’s Rack Chorus

The first one is not a stomp box, it’s a rack unit tri-stereo analog chorus. It was based upon the Songbird or Dytronics chorus and had a huge elegant  sound that made it a memorable 80’s staple. The chorus of choice for many world class players such as Michael Landau, Steve Lukather and Dann Huff. Fulltone captured that classic sound and character for the TERC and now you can drop it into your Amplitude rack and get all Pink Floyd with yourself.

Fulltone TERC

Fulltone TERC · Source: Fulltone

SSTE – Solid State Tape Echo

This is Fulltone’s take on the original Echoplex EP-3 unit, fixing all the problems of it falling apart. With a huge chunk of disappointment, IK have decided to recreate the awesome looking SSTE as a very dull rack unit. What a crime!

Fulltone's gorgeous SSTE hardware

Fulltone’s gorgeous SSTE hardware · Source: IK Multimedia

All the functionality is there, of course, a slider to move the tape head, speed switch, number of repeats etc. but something is definitely lost in the interface. However, I’m sure it sounds amazing even when you’re using it simply to add tape warmth to your tone.


I’m pretty sure the OCD has been available in the IK Custom Shop for some time. In fact, it’s currently the only Fulltone product available at the time of writing. I’m sure the collection will be along soon. The OCD is a classic overdrive pedal that gives you warmth, grit and, if we’re being all creative about it, then sensitive and complex sonic harmonics. It’s not the sort of pedal that would garner any complaints.

Fulltone OCD Pedal

Fulltone OCD Pedal · Source: IK Multimedia

So there you have it. The Fulltone Collection of a massive chorus, a visually impaired but awesome tape echo, and a workhorse overdrive is available for €59.99 which is a bit of a bargain if you consider the pedigree. More information available on the IK Multimedia website.

Fulltone Collection

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