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IK Multimedia Brian May Amplitube

IK Multimedia Brian May Amplitube  ·  Source: IK Multimedia


The new IK Multimedia Amplitube Brian May software pack for Mac/PC, iPhone and iPad has today been officially released after the teaser earlier this week. As expected, it’s a sound pack themed around Mr May and his signature sound. But what we weren’t expecting was a couple of little touches that – if it holds its promise of delivering the Brian May sound – make this pack quite a bargain.


IK Multimedia Brian May

Yes, we all guessed that the new software bundle is all about Brian May and his guitar rig. It includes all the hallmark elements like his three Vox ACX30 amp setup,  the KAT Treble Booster and those delays that he is famous for.

IK Multimedia Brian May for Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone

IK Multimedia Brian May for Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone · Source: IK Multimedia

Red Special

There is also a new effect that helps simulate the tone of the Red Special guitar and controls. It’s been turned into a virtual pedal, so you can insert it into your virtual rig to colour your sound in an attempt to get close to the tone of the Red Special without buying one.

IK Multimedia virtual Red Special

IK Multimedia virtual Red Special stompbox · Source: IK Multimedia







Virtual Queen

If you have ever wanted to simulate all the classic Queen recorded album tones, this new software could be perfect for the job. Apart from the sounds of the guitar and amp Mr May is famous for using, the pack also includes some of Brian May’s favourite pedals:

  • May Wah is based on a rack mount Dunlop Cry Baby wah that Brian May uses to shape his tone, while the
  • FOX Phaser  Just like Brian’s original  fOXX Foot Phaser.
  • Star Gate is a noise gate that helps clean up the signal chain.

Also onboard are presets organised by the songs they are based upon. This song-based discography set was compiled by Jamie Humphries, guitarist for the official Queen stage production “We Will Rock You”.

Amplitube 4

If this package gets anywhere close to Brian’s tones, then this bundle will be a bit of a bargain. The bundle prices appear to be the better way to go, if you want access to all the gear, but you can just buy individual components instead if you prefer.

I’m a big fan of Amplitube 4 and have used it for years, so at some point I will have to check this new bundle out. I’ll just need to find a sixpence and get some clogs…

RRP – USD/EUR 99.99 for PC/Mac and iPad/iPhone USD/EUR 19.99

Individually they cost Stomp FXUSD/EUR 3.99 each and AmpsUSD/EUR 6.99 each

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IK Multimedia Brian May Amplitube

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