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Tech 21 VT Bass 500:1000 & speakers

Tech 21 VT Bass 500:1000 & speakers  ·  Source: Thomann


Thomann’s new deal on Tech 21 VT Bass 500/1000 amps and cabinets makes these bass rigs very inviting. As ever, this deal is “first come, first served”, so if you want to grab a bargain bass rig you will need to act fast. And the savings you’re getting here are pretty amazing, with some falling by 50% or even 65%!


Tech 21 VT Bass 500/1000 & Cabinets

You can pick up either the Tech 21 VT Bass 500 or VT Bass 1000, plus matching cabs for a fraction of their normal cost. Designed in New York, by the same people that gave us the SansAmp technology, these amp rigs are should get you classic bass tones with plenty of power to gig with.

Tech 21 VT Bass 500

With controls for  Drive, Character, Mid, Low, High, Blend and Level, plus two pad, bite, loop and ground lift switches, the 500 Watt VT Bass 500 has a lot of useful options, including an FX Loop.

The XLR DI outputs on this model also provide speaker emulation, which means that your stage signal or your recordings in the home studio will have a mic’d speaker sound, just without all the hassle.

Tech 21 Bass VT 500

Tech 21 Bass VT 500

Tech 21 VT Bass 1000

This model uses the same preamp as the Tech 21 VT Bass 500 but is rated at 1000W at 8 Ohm or 2000W at 4 Ohm, making it a great choice if you require more oomph. It has the  SansAmp XLR Output that works like a built-in direct box to a PA desk or studio mixer The XLR is switchable from -20dB to 0dB.

Tech 21 VT Bass 500 and the VT Bass 1000

Tech 21 VT Bass 500 and the VT Bass 1000

Lightweight 112 Cabs

The matching Tech 21 112 bass cabs are also lightweight and ideal for transporting to and from venues and rehearsal spaces, without breaking your back. And of course, they partner up perfectly with these Tech 21 bass amp heads.



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Tech 21 VT Bass 500 and the VT Bass 1000

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