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Hornet SyncPressor featured

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HoRNet has earned a reputation for affordable, problem-solving plug-ins. Its latest development is SyncPressor – a compressor meant to answer the question of “what happens if you sync a compressor’s Attack and Release times to your DAW tempo?”

HoRNet SyncPressor

The SyncPressor approach to compression is to make it move dynamically with the audio, and set attack and release times according to the project tempo. Hence, SyncPressor has drop-down menus in place of traditional Attack and Release controls. From these menus, you select time divisions relative to the compressor’s internal tempo. This tempo can be sync’d to DAW, entered manually, or detected automatically.

Other controls include Input and Output level, Threshold, Ratio, Knee, RMS detection (on/off), Feedback, Sidechain (Internal/External), Sidechain filter (hi-pass), Tempo multiplier, Oversample, and Dry/Wet. Peak and gain reduction metering is provided for the input, output, and compression.

The compressor is mostly designed for the master bus, where it’s able to ‘glue’ your mix elements transparently. As a bus compressor, SyncPressor lets you unlink left and right channels in its internal detector so that the compressor will work in dual mono mode. The two stereo channels are compressed individually, lending a wider stereo image. Of course, the plug-in can also function as a transparent track compressor as well.

As a final touch, SyncPressor includes presets designed by acclaimed Italian producer Antonio Porcelli.

Hornet Syncpressor GUI

Hornet Syncpressor GUI

Price and availability

SyncPressor costs EUR 40 and is available now from the developer’s website in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for Windows and macOS computers. The plug-in supports Apple silicon.

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