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Hinton Instruments SwitchMix II

Hinton Instruments SwitchMix II  ·  Source: Hinton Instruments


The SwitchMix returns to Eurorack as a compact switched, true summing routing matrix for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages.


SwitchMix II

It’s like combining a whole bunch of buffered mults and precision adders into one neat and visually helpful module. You have 8 inputs that can be routed to any or all of the 8 outputs. You can combine any number of those inputs to a single output and have them summed with precision. It can save an awful lot of space and a whole fistful of patch cables.

On the CV side, you could be combining waveforms and modulations, splitting sequences or sharing envelopes. On the audio side, you could use it to route out to your audio interface, wrap yourself around effects loops or simplify your mixing tasks. It’s all fully buffered so that there’s no interference, distortion, delay or crosstalk.

The new version has been redesigned and “de-Eurofied” to conform to the higher standards of their other modules and is now fully AES48 compatible. New features include a Gate and Trigger converter similar to that in PinMix which may be brought out on an optional panel.

Looks like a really useful way to take control of a complex system and start reworking your routing possibilities.

SwitchMix II is available with minijack or balanced bantam patch sockets for £690 and £594 respectively and they have a 3-6 week build time.

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Hinton Instruments SwitchMix II

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