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Harley Benton releases Fusion-III Run#2

Harley Benton releases Fusion-III Run#2  ·  Source: Harley Benton


The latest Harley Benton release consists of HSH and HH models in three finishes for the Fusion-III series, called Run#2. Already a solid lineup, these new finishes add more affordable guitars to the range.


Harley Benton Fusion-III

The latest Harley Benton Fusion-III models come in both HSH and HH formats, so perfect for many styles – and not just fusion! These are being bunched together as Run#2, with colours that extend the well-established Fusion-III lineup, which Harley Benton is releasing in runs throughout the year.

I’m a fan of Fusion-III anyway, because it offers a lot of great specifications for players yet still costs a lot less than a lot of the competition. If you need things like a Floyd Rose 100o locking trem system – or a Wilkinson 50IIK 2-point on the HSH version – and 24 medium-jumbo Blacksmith stainless steel frets for fluid modern playing styles, then it is hard to best the Fusion-III on price.

Harley Benton Fusion-III

Harley Benton Fusion-III now in three new finishes

Locking or non-locking

The HH model comes fitted with the Floyd Rose option, and the HSH comes outfitted with the Wilkinson 50IIK 2-point instead. I think this is a good move, as I know some players fear the Floyd and its locking machinations (honestly, they are super easy to set up really!). Some just prefer the tone of a less bulky trem system. So to have two options available is a smart move in my opinion.

Harley Benton Fusion-III in a Trans Flamed Bengal for the HSH with 2-point trem

Harley Benton Fusion-III in a Trans Flamed Bengal for the HSH with 2-point trem

All three come factory strung with a set of 0.10 – 0.46 strings. That’s fine, but I know some players prefer a lighter gauge for slinky shenanigans up and down the fretboard. So if you opt for the Floyd version and need to change gauge, be prepared to rebalance that trem. If that idea makes you want to hide under your duvet, you’re in luck: I wrote this article to help you get through it smoothly.

Harley Benton Fusion-III HH in Trans Flamed Cherry

Harley Benton Fusion-III HH in Trans Flamed Cherry

HH or HSH?

The HH model has a Roswell HAF-B Alnico-5 in the bridge position and  Roswell HAF-N Alnico-5 in the neck pickups. The tone knob has a coil split function, too. The HSH models add in a Roswell S74-C BK Alnico-5 to the middle position. It is good to have both options available, though I tend to be fine with just HH setups myself. I own a few old Ibanez RG550 from the ’80s and I hardly ever use that middle single-coil pickup if I am honest, but I have friends that like to use the middle position.

Harley Benton Fusion-III HH model in Trans Flamed Charcoal Burst

Harley Benton Fusion-III HH model in Trans Flamed Charcoal Burst


The base specifications are the same as Run#1, so read my original article here for full details. Essentially, you get a sapele body that has an ultra flamed maple veneer, along with a bolt-on modern C profile Canadian hard maple neck that has a Macassar ebony fretboard. A great set of tonewoods for a guitar, especially at this price point.


The three colours on offer in Run#2 are Trans Flamed Charcoal Burst and Trans Flamed Cherry for the HH model, and a Trans Flamed Bengal for the HSH model. With that flamed maple veneer, the colours really pop. They look like a much more expensive instrument.

Value for money?

I have a few friends that purchased from the first run back in July and they all rave about the model. Sure, it isn’t a 2k guitar, far from it. However, they offer a lot for the price point and if you need a guitar you can gig with and rely on, then they appear to fit the bill. You can check out the demo video below for the first run of the Fusion-III model to get an idea of how they sound.

More on Harley Benton’s Fusion-III series

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  1. Ugo says:

    OMG… please check the Fusion-III HSH EB model on Thoman’s site. Look carefully at the pictures and see the dots on the fretboard. Somebody was polishing them and smudged the paint from the fretboard.
    Bravo Harley, that’s quality craftmanship!

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