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Peavey HP2 ST

Peavey HP2 ST  ·  Source: Peavey

We wrote about the Peavey HP 2 back during the NAMM Show earlier this year, well now the hardtail version of this guitar is being made available for you to buy as well.

Peavey HP2 ST

The Peavey HP2 ST is their take on a twin humbucker, modern hardtail rock guitar. And it certainly will not disappoint in that respect, as the specifications are of high quality. I would also imagine that the focus here will be on playability.

Peavey HP2 ST with stop tail bridge

Peavey HP2 ST with stop tail bridge

Dig In

This is a ‘pro’ spec guitar, with high-quality hardware and wood choices. I’d expect it to be a great playing instrument.

The HP2 has a basswood body, with flame maple caps that are, we gather, chosen for their tonal qualities. They look pretty good in those translucent finishes. With hard rock graphite-reinforced, oiled maple necks, you are getting a solid four-bolt neck joint attaching that 25½” scale length neck with its 22 jumbo frets and a 15″ fingerboard radius. You also get one Volume and one Tone control with a push/pull coil tap pot, all wired via a three-way switch which controls the Peavey-designed humbucking pickups.

I own one of the older ’90s Peavey Wolfgang models and these modern-day versions should play just as well as my one, if not better.

Hard Tail

The main feature differentiating the ST version is its stop tail design, which I would imagine could give it good sustain and a more responsive feel – for players that like to bend strings and dig in hard with their attack.

The guitar should feel pretty slick, but should also have a more classic feel due to the more traditional style of bridge. I love Floyd Rose trem systems, but you do a lose a little bit of attack with them, even when they are top mounted. This hardtail version might alleviate any sag or pitch fluctuations that could occur from a moving trem.

All in all, I like this model a lot and can see them being popular if the price is right.


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