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TiNRS Happy Sounds

TiNRS Happy Sounds  ·  Source: TiNRS

Priscilla Haring-Kuipers from This is Not Rocket Science (TiNRS) has released a fun pack of vocal samples to “inspire and assist you in making great audio” and it’s totally free under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.

Vocal booms, bubbles and birds of paradise

It’s kind of a folder of completely adorable nonsense. Priscilla says they were made with the feeling of BOOM festival in mind. The Boom Festival is a Biennial Transformational festival in Portugal. The festival offers musical performances, workshops, film screenings, yoga, group meditation, fire performance, art gallery and a variety of visual exhibits – so that’s the vibe she was going for.

There’s some weird stuff in here, like something to do with a skateboarding cat, but there are also a lot of useful samples that I can imagine could pepper all sorts of dance and electronic music tracks. There are a couple of superb “wooohooos”, earthily sung modular terms like “Modulation!” and “Oscillation!” and some spoken word. And it is all completely joyful.

This is perhaps the modular and electronic music sample pack equivalent to Judy Garland singing “forget your troubles come on get happy”.

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For anyone staying at home and making music 👍🏻 please enjoy our project of happy sounds for you to play with (link in bio and below) #thisisnotrocketscience #staythefuckhome #makemusic #vocals Our project of happy sounds! We made a vocal pack for you to play with bass booms & pitched booms, birds of paradise, vocal triplets, rhythmic noises, trippy phrases, wubs, bubbles, happy dancing sounds and much more bonus: Factfulness quotes Free to use and spread the love under licence CC BY 4.0 Please DOWNLOAD the full voicepack with 172 unique sounds in 183 .wav files in a .zip #vocals #vocalist #vocalpack #sample #sampler #edm #dance #audio #studio #factfulness #aliceinwonderland #happy #share #boom #boomfestival #trance #psytrance

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Priscilla says “The goal is to hear any of this on the dancefloor. That’s it – make beep and share the love.”

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  • Download the pack here.
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