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Audiobulb Grainscape

Audiobulb Grainscape  ·  Source: Audiobulb

Grainscape is a 4-channel granular synth and audio processor that plants and harvests grains like a granular farm. Grab your wellies and let’s get stuck in.



It’s one of those strange granular things where sounds are scanned, taken apart, reduced to tiny grains and smeared all over the place. It can generate backwards glitches, forward textures and time travelling moods and messes. It’s about playheads and modulators, effects and randomisation all tied together with too many parameters to cope with.

It’s super-crazy and there are 4 channels of this stuff to contend with.

Each channel can play independently with the loaded audio file. You can set playhead positions, direction and movement, introduce randomisation and shape the LFO that directs the travel. In the Granular Block you can get hold of the grain sizes, density, pitch and randomisation. In the Effect Block you can add delay and reverb plus a bit of reversing and EQ.

All you need is some audio and you’re good to go.


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It looks pretty exciting and can easily become a convincing granular playground for textures and digital weirdness.

Grainscape is available now for £20 as a standalone or a Max For Live device – and it definitely has that Ableton vibe about it.

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