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Flowsonics Graindrop

Flowsonics Graindrop  ·  Source: Flowsonics


Flowsonics has released Graindrop, an experimental granular delay plug-in. By breaking up your audio into grains, which you can then manipulate using an X/Y pad, Graindrop lets you turn simple sounds into complex webs of repetitions.


Flowsonics Graindrop

Flowsonics says that Graindrop was designed for manipulating audio in all sorts of experimental ways. By pairing a granular engine with a delay and many creative randomization options, Graindrop turns bits of audio into sometimes unpredictable patterns, like raindrops.

The Grains section lets you dial in the size and density of the grains. You can also choose from various shapes for the divisions, and reverse or randomize the grain direction if you like.

These grains are then sent to the Manipulation section, where you can change their pitch, apply a random stereo spread effect and mute grains randomly. Graindrops also offers a Freeze button that activates a spectral freeze feature. There’s also a feedback line, for which you can dial in the desired amount and apply filtering.

The central X/Y pad allows you to assign and control two parameters simultaneously. You can also activate the trajectory mode, which will constantly change parameters to keep things in motion.


All of this can of course be automated in your DAW, for a wide variety of moving, evolving soundscapes derived from simple sounds. If you’re into experimental delay effects that go beyond simple repeats, Graindrop should be worth a look. While it can do many interesting things to your audio, it also looks easy enough to use for quick adjustments and creative experimentation.

Price and compatibility

Flowsonics Graindrop is now available for USD 24.99. After the introductory offer ends, the regular price will be USD 39.99.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.12 or higher and Windows 10 (64 bit) in VST and AU formats.

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Flowsonics Graindrop

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