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Puremagnetik Granule Delay

 ·  Source: Puremagnetik

Developer Puremagnetik released an interesting delay plug-in called Granule. This is a granular delay designed for mangling and glitching audio. It has been inspired by the Red Panda Particle guitar pedal and works by chopping audio into tiny grains. These are routed through a looper, a spectral pitch shifter, and a variable delay line.


Granule gives you the options of rearranging, stretching, and morphing grains for interesting and unusual sonic results. The plug-in has Chop, Stretch, Density, Time, and Pitch controls in addition to Mix and Output knobs. The user interface is very simple, presenting just a number of controls and their explanations.

Granular delays don’t come around very often, as granularity is usually associated with synthesis. However, feel free to compare Puremagnetik’s product with the free Lagrange Granular Delay by Ursa DSP or Ableton’s Grain Delay. Both are very capable granular delays that can turn your audio into something totally different and unexpected.

Price & availability

Granule is on sale at an introductory price of USD 8, down from USD 15. It’s compatible with macOS 10.8 or later and Windows 10 x64, available in AU and VST formats.

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