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Steinberg Backbone

Steinberg Backbone  ·  Source: Steinberg

Steinberg Backbone

Steinberg Backbone  ·  Source: Steinberg

Steinberg has released Backbone a drum design tool that will level-up the way you generate drums with multiple layers of samples and re-synthesis in a neat and colourful interface.


You start with a sample and then spectrally re-synthesize it to give you the raw material for building new sounds. You can layer up to 8 samples to create dynamic and interesting sounds while modifying the tonal qualities and filtering the noise in all sorts of ways. You can split the samples into tonal and noise segments using Audio Decomposition and attack each differently through the synthesis engine. You can edit each layer individually, get down and deep into the sample and play with as much or as little as you wish.

You have complete control over the spectral filtering with formant, position and exactly how accurate you want it to be. Then you take control of the pitch with that all-important envelope and decay. From there you are filtering with multiple modes and then fattening it all up in the amplifier. The single-window approach makes it very straightforward to see how things are progressing and what tools are available to you. At the end of the chain there are 2 stacks of effects for blitzing your sounds and making them sound huge.

Senior Marketing Manager Florian Haack says:

“Backbone lets you create and manipulate drum sounds in unprecedented ways. You can feed the Drum Re-synthesizer with your own recordings and combine them with any kind of drum sample. It is such a powerful tool for those who like to get creative and want to develop their own signature drum sound. Personally, I have never had so much fun in crafting sounds as with Backbone.”

It sounds very impressive although I’m not sure yet whether I’ve really wrapped my head around it. I guess I’ll have to wade through the hours of tutorial videos to get a flavour of what they’re talking about – they could really do with a 2-minute promo. Initial impressions are very positive though and it looks like the kind of plugin that can take you on a fabulous journey of discovery through your old sample library.

Backbone is available now in VST/AU/AXX for MacOS and Windows.

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