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Full Blotter

Full Blotter  ·  Source: Giorgio Sancristoforo


Full Blotter pulls large grains from audio and processes it through a psychedelic machine of infinite ambient loveliness.


Full Blotter

It doesn’t look very much like anything remotely psychedelic, but this is more about the ambient soundscape experience than it is about the interface. The dull front end hides a wealth of heavenly drones and cosmological environments.

The idea is that Full Blotter takes any audio, sample, track, project or song and transforms it into a mesmerizing piece of sci-fi soundtrack. It’s weird, sumptuous and sometimes unsettling.

Usually, granular synthesis is about the stripping out of hundreds of tiny grains and smearing them across time. With Full Blotter, the grains are large, up to several seconds, and it only grabs a handful to play with. The grain-gathering algorithm disintegrates transients, disempowers time and extrapolates playful streams of hypnotic frequencies. It’s quite brilliant.


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Taking Manual Control

Full Blotter is quite happy running by itself but you can also take control in the vane hope of producing something better. In the top section of the panel you have sample and grain parameters. You can fiddle with the pitch, change the during and speed with which the algorithm works on your audio.

In the middle section you have a lowpass filter for the input and a series of bandpass filters that can highlight or reject various frequencies and harmonics.

Finally, the bottom section gives you a parametric EQ followed by a galaxy-sized delay and infinite reverb.

Full Blotter is an endless place of ambient experimentation. You can fall asleep to it, transform your mind to it, embrace new worlds through it and soothe your troubled brain. I’m completely in love with the demo video.

Full Blotter is available for MacOS only (Windows version to come soon) for €19.50.

Full Blotter

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2 responses to “Giorgio Sancristoforo presents Full Blotter: Psychedelic Ambient Drones”

    Georg says:

    Very nice, too bad it’s just standalone and no VST.

    Greg Enflax says:

    Giorgio has great things to offer, unfortunately no VST so it’s a turn off. He would probably sell so many had he a VST version. That’s really too bad !

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