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Ginko Sampleslicer MK2

Ginko Sampleslicer MK2  ·  Source: Ginko Synthese

The Sampleslicer was a very cool real-time sampling and slicing Eurorack module created by Jan Willem of Ginko Synthese. By popular demand he’s worked up a new and improved version 2 that’s not only better but can be also be tackled as a through-hole DIY project.

Sampleslicer MK2

The basic idea is that you record in some sound and the Sampleslicer cuts it up into 16 slices and spreads them across the inbuilt voltage controlled step sequencer. It’s not a sample player like so many “sampler” modules, this is all about the sampling of real sound in real time. The length of recording is set by the clock-divider which functions as a speed controller after recording. You can choose different time divisions in order to mess with the incoming audio, stretching and squashing the sample across the 16 steps. You have control over the start point and loop points from one-shot to infinite looping. Individual slices can also be triggered and played via V/Oct.

Sample quality is 12bit like all good old-school samplers. Unlike most modules it has no memory card reader. You sample, you play and it’s gone – that’s the design and performance orientated philosophy behind it.

The original was factory built using surface mount technology. Jan was asked so often for a more DIY version that it made complete sense to design the MK2 using completely through-hole components for an easy build.

Improvements over the original include:

  • no audible noise floor
  • auto calibrating which prevents clicks
  • tighter timing
  • higher input gain for external audio
  • an input gain potentiometer
  • a button to change pitch mode on the fly
  • an extra cv input for modulating the clock divider/multiplier
  • better caps in the audio path
  • all through hole (except of the atmel chip)

€155 will get you the Sampleslicer MKII DIY Kit, or €265 assembled (but where’s the fun in that?). They’ve also produced a little 2HP microphone add-on with a funny looking microphone sticking out of it. It’s very funky.

Looking to raise just over £5000 to get production started and hopes to deliver in July.

More information

  • Sampleslicer MK2 Kickstarter page.



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