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Gibson Sergio Vallin

Gibson Sergio Vallin  ·  Source: Gibson


This new Gibson Sergio Vallin signature is based on his 1955 Les Paul Goldtop and looks like full aged recreation of the original guitar. Sergio is the guitarist for Maná and is well known for wielding this golden axe.


Sergio Vallin 1955 Les Paul Goldtop

Maná guitarist Sergio Vallin has been honoured with a new Gibson Custom Shop model, based on his original 1955 Les Paul Goldtop. This recreation features a lightweight mahogany body, paired with a two piece maple top. Then you have a rounded ’59 profile mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, so it all looks period correct. And you also have a 12-inch radius and 22 vintage narrow-tall frets and traditional trapezoidal inlays. All looks like a regular  ’59 Les Paul Standard, or does it?

Gibson Sergio Vallin 1955 Les Paul Goldtop

Bigsby equipped Gibson Sergio Vallin 1955 Les Paul Goldtop · Source: Gibson

The P90 & Humbucker

Okay, the pickups aren’t exactly standard here. As it comes with a custom soapbar P90 in the neck position as a counterpart to the Custombucker in the bridge and then you have the Bigsby B7 Vibrato. Some nice tones must surely be coax able from this pickup combination. Plus, a Bigsby can be fun as well. Although, they aren’t always practical for some players, as they offer a shimmer at most and can be awkward to set up correctly.

Aged by Murphy Lab

Aged by Murphy Lab · Source: Gibson

Murphy Lab Ageing

The gold top paintwork and the nickel hardware have aged artificially by the Murphy Lab. So it looks like a well loved instrument. This will have a large impact on the price point, so expect to pay USD $7999 for this recreation. I really like Goldtops and I like P90 neck pickups, so would like to try one out in person. Though I doubt I would pay this amount for a guitar with these specifications myself. However, I can see the appeal.

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Gibson Sergio Vallin

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