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Gibson Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Custom

Gibson Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Customs  ·  Source: Gibson/Musiczoo


This new limited run of Gibson Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Customs are all full of ’80s cool and have dive bombing Floyd Rose bridges as standard.


Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Custom

The Gibson Custom Shop has just announced these new limited run of neon coloured shred machines that are all based on the Les Paul Axcess Custom model, with thinner bodies, Floyd Rose trem systems and better upper fret access compared to a regular traditional ’50s-style Les Paul.

I bet traditionalists will hate these brightly coloured hot-rodded new Les Pauls, but I kind of think that is cool. The solid mahogany bodies are finished in neon ’80s-tastic colours and have two-piece maple tops. The guitars are weight-relieved and have a comfort-carve belly on the rear.

With slim C-Shape neck profiles with Richlite fingerboards and the contoured Axcess heel join, these shred machines are made for rock. They are loaded with a 498T and a 496R four conductor uncovered humbucking pickups wired for coil splitting via the push-pull pots on the Tone controls. So you can get some handy single coil tones as well as the raucous rock humbucking ones.


Neon Madness!

Apparently, these bold neon colours are all nitrocellulose. But as the main Gibson website has no details on any of these new guitars yet, we don’t have any official names for the colours at the time of writing.

What do you think of this neon outbreak from Gibson?

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by Jef

17 responses to “Gibson Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Custom – Neon ’80s cool”

  1. Steve Rasmussen says:

    Shame on Gibson. Les Paul would pull his name off everyone of these pointless guitars. Just another gimmick Gibson is trying to save the company.

    • Yoyo says:

      Don’t be hating!

      • Charles Rathmann says:

        Yws, Gibson is in serious trouble. They took on major debt, and rhen even more debt to acquire electronics companies like Onkyo. They also are heavily exposed to risk through heavy aginc receivables from Guitar Center.

        • thefyn says:

          Do you know what the issue is with GC? Lots of returns?

          • Charles Rathmann says:

            GC has been struggling for a number of years. They represent a large percentage of Gibson sales and are going further and further out on invoices. So Gibson is probably waiting longer and longer to get paid by GC. I would have to dig through their financials to see exactly how much GC might owe them. But since GC restructured its debt again earlier this year, I figure both Fender and Gibson–and a lot of smaller industry vendors–really felt the pain on their balance sheet.

    • Standard Salvage says:

      “trying to save the company”
      You realize Gibson dates back to the 1800s, right? No one needs to save this iconic brand…

      • Ty Hunt says:

        They have major financial problems and a very good chance they will go out of business…

        • Jef says:

          They are certainly having money worries, but I personally think they will probably get bought out by another company, rather than go out of business.

          As their brand name still has value.

        • Standard Salvage says:

          Oh really? Gibson an iconic company dating back to the 1800s is going to go out of business… Someone has been drinking from the cup of half empty coffee this morning… I would try a little less pessimism in my diet and a little more realism… Even if what you say is true, it’s not like Gibson wouldn’t be bought by whatever person with some money realizes what an iconic brand is worth…

          Gee that happened several times in it’s History eh? Orville Gibson did die penniless and insane in fact…

          Get back to guitar playing! And play less minor chords!

          • liam awesomotron says:

            love a guy who doesnt know what hes talking about. wash your brown lip and read a bit.

          • Standard Salvage says:

            I literally can’t even translate your cynicism and negativity… No clue what you mean…

  2. F Munky says:

    My eyes are bleeding!

  3. I says:

    Seems they’re doing standardized small batches of unique offerings and what people have been wanting because they’re slowing gonna go, maybe be bought out eventually. Asian pacific markets and brands are doing better.

  4. Philip Garber says:

    I would buy one and get a matching outfit.

  5. Lance Warner says:

    Play a few and see which one you like. Ignore the color. Buy it take it home and strip the crappy color off and stain it to your like and shoot a clear coat on it. Or just blast it with spray paint…..

  6. The Telenator says:

    Gibson is basically in bankruptcy, no matter how great (or not) you think their guitars are. They are hugely in debt, beyond what most companies their size can fix. Perhaps if they didn’t keep buying smaller companies and then killing them (Cakewalk and its Sonar daw and groovy softsynths is Gibson’s latest murder), and perhaps if they maintained some respect in the model lines and didn’t go whoring after ever latest fast-passing and often goofy trend then they wouldn’t have fallen into such financial shame. If they do die — and they very well may — then they most certainly deserve it. Too many years of really bad management decisions.

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