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Instagram New Gibson Custom Shop ContouR8

New Gibson Custom Shop ContouR8  ·  Source:

Instagram New Gibson Custom Shop ContouR8

Instagram preview of new ContouR8  ·  Source:

Gibson Custom Shop have let one shot of their new ContouR8 Les Paul slip on Instagram and it’s getting the purists and Gibson fans wondering what to make of it all.

R8 is the name Gibson and their fans call a 1958 Custom Shop Reissue Les Paul. So the ContouR8 is obviously based upon these guitars, but seems to have an updated and modern upper neck access carve on the heel at the back. The purists are already mocking it, as it isn’t to vintage specification. However, other players are more excited about it all, myself included; I think its a good idea as Les Paul upper fret access has always been awkward, so I like that they have got a good looking, classic guitar and made it more playable. Also, the Gibson Custom Shop do make some beautiful guitars and all the ones I have owned have been really good instruments. My R7 is a great-sounding guitar and miles above the regular Gibson Standards that I have owned in the past for example.

Gibson already have a lightweight Les Paul with the style of neck join and that is a popular design with many. Maybe the new ContouR8 will be as popular, as it blends Custom Shop expertise with a useful design update.

There’s not much reliable information as yet, so I will update as soon as some details are released about this new guitar. Apologies for the low res images, but they’re is all there is at the time of writing. As ever, if you have any more information on this guitar, then do contact us.

Go check the new ContouR8 out for yourselves and tell us what you think in the comments below. Are you a fan? Or are you a purist that thinks Gibson are way off the mark with this?


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  1. Tom S. says:

    It is what it is and ain’t no more

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