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Red Fang Night Destroyer

Red Fang Night Destroyer  ·  Source: Hilbish Designs

If you’re a fan of stoner rock or other heavy rock and metal sounds, then Red Fang will not have passed you by. First catapulted to worldwide attention with the video for Prehistoric Dog in 2008, the band’s sound is now yours to buy in the form of Hilbish Design’s “Red Fang Night Destroyer” effect pedal. But there’s a catch.

Hilbish Design’s new Red Fang Night Destroyer

The Red Fang Night Destroyer pedal is inspired by the preamp circuit of the Sunn Beta Bass, which Red Fang used on both guitar and bass. The pedal has two identical channels available using a foot switch that lets you use Channel A, Channel B or both channels at the same time.

Each channel has separate controls for Gain, Volume and a 3-band EQ. Both share the same Master control. In addition to the standard power connection and mono input, you also have 5 separate outputsCH A, CH B, INST, LINE and BALANCED. That will let you explore pretty much every possible permutation available from this pedal, letting you build more complex setups. This kind of flexibility makes it particularly useful for bassists, especially in the studio.

Red Fang Night Destroyer

Red Fang Night Destroyer

The Price

Unfortunately, there is a catch. At USD 365 , the pedal is not exactly cheap. To be fair, that’s still cheaper than the amp it’s modelled on. And should you find a Sunn Beta Bass second-hand, it’ll often be in questionable condition. Another issue for buyers outside the States: the Red Fang Night Destroyer can only be imported directly from the USA. So if you’re ordering from anywhere outside the US, make sure you know how much shipping and customs will cost before you order. Availability is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.

Unfortunately, the promo videos are pretty crap, but the sound samples on the homepage are better. If you want to hear the Red Fang Night Destroyer pedal in decent quality, I would suggest you head there first.

RRP: USD 365

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