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Overloud EQ550

Overloud just outed an excellent freebie!  ·  Source: Overloud


Known for its emulations of guitar and analog gear, developer Overloud released EQ550 — a modern recreation of an API equalizer that’s being given away for free.


Until March 18, EQ550 won’t cost a thing, although the downloads are limited to 1000 licenses per day — still quite generous! You only have to register at Overloud and grab the free download. Thanks, guys! Now, let’s have a look at what we’re getting.

Priced USD 139 after the promotion, EQ550 features 5 bands: 2 shelving/peaking, 2 peaking, 1 high cut, and 1 bandpass. Each band has an individual Q knob and allows continuous (variable) frequency selection. The design is Proportional-Q, which means the filters’ bandwidth goes narrower the more filter gain increases. At low gain settings, the EQ sounds smoother but becomes more and more aggressive-sounding at higher band gain.

EQ550 features a Cue button to let you hear the part of the frequency spectrum that’s being affected. There are two notable changes of the original hardware. While the API EQ originally has preset frequencies, the EQ550 lets you select all the intermediate freqs for more precise control. Further on, while the original hardware has a single mid band, Overloud added a second band for more flexibility.

All in all, a great release from Overloud. Have fun processing your tracks with it! The EQ is available in all the usual formats for Windows & Mac computers.

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One response to “Get Overloud’s new EQ550 plug-in for free until March 18!”

  1. Mono says:

    This company is really a insider tip. The spring reverb is the best plugin version of a real one i’ve ever heard and the EQ 550 sounds awesome. The eq plays its advantage on acousic instruments better than on synths, but if something is down in the mix it brings it up very gentle. Next to softube and UA it is one of the best plugin develper i know .

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