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Genelec S360

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Genelec 7382

 ·  Source: Genelec

Well-known brand Genelec launched two new monitoring products – the two-way S360A active monitor and the imposing 7382A subwoofer. They are high-SPL models, which makes them ideal for applications demanding high acoustic power or distance listening, such as post-production studio setups and film mixing stages.


The S360’s enclosure is made out of Finnish woodwork and houses a 10-inch woofer based on Genelec’s Master Series. There’s also a completely integrated extended directivity control waveguide supporting a 1.7-inch titanium diaphragm compression tweeter.

Neutrality aside, this achieves 118dB short-term SPL capability with even higher peaks. The monitor is capable of providing reference-quality listening at a distance of over 10 meters. Bold claims from Genelec, but we know the Finns are ones to trust! The monitor integrates with the GLM software for configuration, calibration, and monitor control over more than 40 channels with no need for external processing.

The 7382 Smart Active Subwoofer is Genelec’s most powerful to date. Reaching down to 15Hz, it houses three custom-designed 15-inch long-throw woofers in a heavily braced fiberboard enclosure with laminar flow bass reflex porting along the entire rear wall. Output is rated in excess of 130dB SPL. The sub also works with the Genelec GLM software to control bass handling and allows the possibility of building entire arrays of subwoofers.

Priced USD 4595 for the S360 monitor and USD 11,995 for the 7382 subwoofer. These definitely aren’t cheap – but it’s what professionals use. Once you are at their level, you will understand for sure.

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