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Foxgear XYZ Waves & Jeenie

Foxgear XYZ Waves & Jeenie  ·  Source: Foxgear

Foxgear has just announced two new pedals, the XYZ Waves multi-algorithm modulation and the Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface. Both pedals have a 100% analogue signal paths, making them perfect for guitarists. Read on to find out more on these new stompboxes.

Foxgear XYZ Waves

The XYZ Waves effects pedal from Foxgear has five modulation algorithms: Chorus, Phase, Tremolo, Envelope Filter, and Polypitch. The various effect parameters can be tweaked using three multifunction controls labelled X, Y, and Z. For example, when it’s in chorus, tremolo and phase modes, the X knob functions as a reverb control.

For the more complex modulation parameters such as PolyPitch and Envelope Filter modes, the knobs have dedicated controls.

The pedal has an analogue signal path and true bypass switching, so it shouldn’t mess with the original guitar signal at all. That doesn’t mean you can’t mash the hell out of it with the various modulation types, as you see fit.

You can check out the XYZ Waves in action in the demo video below. It sounds pretty interesting, and if you like modulation, this single pedal might get you a lot for your money. All the while keeping your tone intact by using a 100% analogue signal path.

RRP – USD 129


Foxgear XYZ Waves & Jeenie

Foxgear XYZ Waves & Jeenie

Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface

The new Jeenie Analog Guitar Interface is a little box with amp, cab, and microphone simulations. It has a Class-A FET preamp section that is paired with an active three-band EQ.

The unit also uses Foxgear’s proprietary ADEQ technology, which is a 20 band analogue active EQ section. This allows for digital control of up to five different presets of amp/cab/mic complete simulations, and eliminates the need for loads of menus.


The Rig selector adds cab and mic responses as required. You could, for example, use it to get an American-style amp running into either a 2×12 or 4×10 cabinet, or a British-style amplifier running into either a 2×12 or 4×12 cabinet.

The Jeenie comes with an aux input so you can plug in and play along to a backing track of your choice, a headphone out, and a standard quarter-inch jack recording out. Like the XYZ above, this pedal also keeps the signal path 100% analogue.

RRP – USD 149

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