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Fors Superberry

Fors Superberry  ·  Source: Fors

Fors Superberry

Fors Superberry  ·  Source: Fors

Fors says that it’s inspired by memories of their favourite melodramatic trance melodies and made hyperreal using an enigmatic FM core. It looks and sounds deliciously stylish.


It’s a software synthesizer for MacOS (standalone) and Max for Live (devices) based on high-quality phase modulation within an FM core. It has one super sharp supersaw oscillator, one stackable sub-oscillator, an AHR envelope, an LFO and two diffusing Bokeh delays. The timbres range from super sharp to super soft and so they say that no filters are present or necessary.

Bundled with the synth is the Roulette Max for Live sequencer device which is built into the standalone version. It is both polymetric and asymmetric running rhythm and pitch data independently and at different lengths. Perfect for generating evolving patterns.

You have to listen to the demos on the website to grasp how extraordinary this thing sounds and how it evolves over time. This video is just a taste:

The standalone version has a wonderfully streamlined interface that can be themed to match your current aesthetic or mood. It’s beautiful.

Currently the standalone version is only available on MacOS but a Windows version may be along at some point. The Device version for Max for Live is cross-compatible with both Windows and MacOS. Superberry is available now for €49 and 10% of all sales go to a mutual aid fund or non-profit.

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