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Andrew Huang Flip

Andrew Huang Flip  ·  Source: Andrew Huang

Flip Performance

Flip Performance  ·  Source: Andrew Huang

Flip Sampling

Flip Sampling  ·  Source: Andrew Huang

Flip Piano Roll

Flip Piano Roll  ·  Source: Andrew Huang

Flip Automation

Flip Automation  ·  Source: Andrew Huang

Flip Store

Flip Store  ·  Source: Andrew Huang


Andrew Huang is a producer and YouTube powerhouse who makes music and talks about technology in a uniquely accessible way. Flip is a portable sampler, sequencer and performance tool designed to make music-making easy and fun wherever you are.



It’s a 9-channel sampler, sequencer and performance tool. You can drop EQ and effects on each channel, you can play and automate 19 parameters, it has a piano roll interface with quantization and an intuitive way of arranging patterns into songs. You can add effects and remix on-the-fly and export the whole thing to your favourite place.

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Andrew describes the thinking behind it:

“Having tried many music making apps, I’ve found they tend to be either fun but simple tools that have very specific use cases, or complicated and unwieldy ones whose design tries to cram a desktop-based workflow onto a phone,” Huang remarked. “With Flip we set out to create something deep and powerful that would still remain quick and fun to use, and that would make the sample-based production workflow I’ve become known for more accessible to any creator with an iOS device.”

Everything revolves around your 9 samples which are more often than not presented as a 3×3 grid of pads. Hit record taps the pads and you’re generating patterns using as many of the 9 as you like. Alternatively, you can address a single sample with the keyboard and play it like an instrument.

Flip Performance

Flip Performance

Tracks can be monophonic or you can push up to 16-notes from a single sample. You can set start/stop points, adjust pitch, volume, and direction. The automation can be drawn in by hand or captured from knob movements and each automation lane can be of a different length. You can enter notes using a keyboard or drum pad interface and you can get variations going through randomisation of both notes and samples. There are all sorts of performance features like creating fills, shifts, filtering and general messing about.

There’s also deeper stuff like Ableton Link integration, stem export and project sharing.

One thing that immediately resonates with me is the help system. It’s a simple idea where rather than leave people trying to work out what things do which is a common iOS app trait you can press on the question mark and the app will stop playing and give you information pop-ups on anything you tap. That seems to be an important thing to Andrew: making it as accessible and easy to learn as possible.

The app costs $9.99 and comes with 80 samples and 5 demo projects. There’s an internal store where you can buy sample packs from other artists such as Rachel K Collier, Bad Snacks, Cuckoo, Chuck Sutton, Kilamanzego, and Pusher.

Flip Store

Flip Store

Flip is released on the 2nd of December and is available from the app store. Check out the video below for a detailed tutorial from the man himself.

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  • Flip Performance : Andrew Huang
  • Flip Store: Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang Flip

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8 responses to “Flip! It’s a sampler app by Andrew Huang”

    David Witulls says:

    I tried the app but I think it has way too less samples to be really useful. Of cause you can record your own. But only 80 Sampler and almost all kick samples are somewhat 808 this was very disappointing to me

    pastoelio says:

    just another youtube celebrity endorsed app , im getting tired of this crap

    iixorb says:

    This is really good. It’s like carrying a miniature Fairlight around in your pocket, only far more intuitive ( and easier to use than the Peter Vogel app ). Will be a lot of fun I think. I like the way it detects the start and end of the sample automatically so it’s ready for immediately use. I’ve been told in the past my sneeze sounds like a 909 snare. Now I’ll be able to use it, like one ( socially distanced of course!!)

    Code3 says:

    Calling it an App by a quasi “celebrity” Huang is misinformation at best and at worst ignoring your journalistic responsibility! This is an endorsement of a product that he has nominal involvement with, the financial terms were discussed longer than any input he provided.

    Likkin Acock says:

    His rich dad paid a programmer to make it for him while he was prancing around.

    iixorb says:

    Personally I couldn’t care less who it is, or isn’t endorsed by.

    It’s a cracker of an app and really well thought out. I like it a lot.

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