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Dynamo Amplification Flight Rig

Dynamo Amplification Flight Rig  ·  Source: Dynamo Amplification

Dynamo Amplification has just introduced Flight Rig, a hybrid rack amp with an all-tube preamp section and a 100-Watt solid-state power amp section. The idea is to lighten your load yet give you enough power to fill the room, while offering those sweet tube tones we can’t get enough of.

100 Watts of Hybrid Power

By blending a massive 100-Watt solid state amp with a tube preamp, you get all the benefits of a light weight guitar amp, just hopefully with the tone of a tube amp. This rack design amp seeks to do exactly this by offering us guitar players enough power to gig with and not break our backs lugging around a heavy old tube amp head.

GTS pre-amp

Flight Rig provides its analogue tube tone with a dual-channel GTS pre-amp running four 12AX7 tubes. These are run at the same plate voltage as the GTS tube heads to produce the same playing dynamics and tone.  The design also incorporates RV4 control pots and “audiophile-grade” components like the SOZO capacitors. It certainly sounds like this thing is geared towards reliability, definition and warmth. Each one comes with a 5-year warranty, so they stand behind their product, as many companies only give you a year.

Here’s a overview of the specifications:

  • 100-Watt Current Feedback Solid-State power

  • 120 V Input Custom Toroidal Power Transformers
  • Twin channel design Lead  and Clean/Crunch
  • Dual EQ Design for Lead and Clean Channels

  • Four 12AX7 pre-amp tubes

  • 100% Mil-Spec Pre amp circuit designed with Audiophile Grade and SOZO signal capacitors with 1 watt Metal film 1% tolerance resistors.

  • Slave Line out

Dynamo Amplification Flight Rig

Dynamo Amplification Flight Rig

Flight Rig

Dynamo Amplification is aiming at an interesting niche here, seeking to give us tube tone in a rig that is easy to tour with. By putting the chassis in a  standard 19″ rack mount and incorporating a solid-state power amp, this design reduces size and weight considerably. It comes in at 27 lbs, which is pretty good for a 100-Watt amp head.

The sound quality, of course, will crucial to its success. but I suspect running the preamp tubes at full voltage will certainly help matters. Also, the higher grade components should help this rig deliver on Dynamo’s promise.

There is some introductory pricing being offered at launch, so you can get a Flight Rig for just over a grand. It comes in a fetching blue 3U 19″ rack format and you can opt for either black or nickel control hardware. You can listen to the video below to get an impression of what it can do.

RRP: USD 1199

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