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Ola Englund's Solar Guitar range  ·  Source: Solar Guitar

Ola Englund Launches Solar Guitars Type A

Ola Englund Launches Solar Guitars. Type-A 6 string in white  ·  Source: Solar Guitars/YouTube

Ola Englund has finally launched his Solar Guitars brand, one we’ve been waiting to see for quite some time. He’s a pretty well-known player, of course, and a YouTube star – these should be very interesting indeed.

Solar Guitars

With his name made with YouTube guitar reviews/techniques videos and his playing in The Haunted and Feared, Ola is already a respected guitarist. At one point, he had a deal with Washburn guitars, but decided to go it alone to develop his own brand.

Luckily for us, Ola has been sharing his thought processes on his new line up for sometime and has even involved his YouTube followers with the designs of his new guitars. Rob Chapman uses a similar approach to development with his Chapman Guitars label.

What Type are you?

The are four Solar models available – the Type A, Type S, Type V and Type E. Okay, the names are a little dull but the guitars themselves look really good, in my opinion.

They all use professional quality hardware including Evertune and Floyd Rose bridges, Grover 18:1 tuners and Duncan Solar pickups.  There’s a range of prices to suit all pockets and lots of choices, including baritones as well as 6- and 7- string versions on offer. I expect these will be popular with players looking for a modern, high-performance instrument, especially if you like Metal, Progressive or Hard Rock styles.

Ola Englund launches Solar Guitars

Ola Englund launches Solar Guitars


I think Ola is offering a lot of guitar for the money, and there’s plenty of choice on offer. All in all, it looks promising, despite the fact that there are only four model styles at launch.

Purchasing is done via the company’s website and hopefully this will help Ola keep prices low and stock availability stable. I think Ola is a great guy, and this looks a cool brand. I wish him lots of success – I think he is doing this for all the right reasons and putting a lot of heart into this company.

RRP – EUR 599 to EUR 1,299

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by Jef

One response to “Finally! Ola Englund’s Solar Guitars brand is here – what Type are you?”

  1. Chris Gomez says:

    Based on the design of this guitar alone, i ordered a baritone. It will be here tomorrow. I’m very excited to play it. I currently only play ESP LTD Stephen Carpenter guitars just because i love the body style look, i changed the Duncan design pickups out to Invaders. The Solar look is the only design i would give up my SC500, which ive play for 20 yrs now, for. I hope it sounds cool.

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