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Fibonacci Guitars Ambassador

Fibonacci Guitars Ambassador  ·  Source: Fibonacci Guitars

This elegant new arch top by London’s Fibonacci Guitars is called the Ambassador, and comes with a AAA spruce top and a choice of boutique humbucker and finish options. 

Fibonacci Guitars Ambassador

The new Fibonacci Guitars Ambassador is a hand-carved instrument with premium features. There’s a choice of tone woods and hand-wound boutique humbuckers, along with  custom finish options as well.

The ‘standard’ Ambassador has a parallel-braced AA spruce top, AAA flame maple on both the back and sides. It has a 14-inch-radius ebony fingerboard loaded with 20 Jescar EVO gold frets. The glued-in maple neck is attached to the body at the 14th fret with a dovetail joint.

This guitar has an Indian ebony floating setup for the bridge, pickguard and tailpiece. It is fitted with a set of Gotoh ebony machine heads that I think suit the guitar perfectly.

Fibonacci Guitars Ambassador

Fibonacci Guitars Ambassador


The standard pickup is an OX4 hand-wound humbucker, though you can also specify a KRIVO or Kent Armstrong instead. Fibonacci Guitars has other custom pickup options  as well, so contact them to discuss this before ordering.

The finish options for the Ambassador include nitrocellulose lacquer as well as a custom finish by builder James Millman, a “secret Devon guitar oil mix”. Mysterious! As with any guitar at this level, you should check out all the available options before ordering.

This is a stunning-looking instrument. If this has piqued your interest you’ll probably spend a lot of time deliberating over which of the custom options to go for before putting down your cash. My advice would be to contact Fibonacci Guitars first and explain what you are looking for so that the finished guitar will best cover your needs.

You can see the Ambassador in the video below. The link below will take you the company site for more information and ordering details. The new Ambassador model will be available from September via Fibonacci Guitars.


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