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Fender Certified Vintage Reverb Shop

Fender Certified Vintage Reverb Shop  ·  Source: Reverb/Fender

Fender is selling off five original vintage guitars from its rich history. These instruments were used as reference points in the creation of more modern models like the Vintera and American Vintage ranges.


Fender Certified Vintage Reverb Shop

Each of these five guitars is in near museum condition and they have all been checked over by Fender to confirm their authenticity.

The five guitars are all from Fender’s desirable Golden Era Strats. Every one of them comes with all the background information about its build and any modifications the guitar has had in its life.

Pre-CBS LPB Strat

Pre-CBS LPB Strat

The Reverb page consists of five Stratocaster models, including an ash-bodied 1954 Two-Colour Sunburst Stratocaster, which was assembled by Gloria on 17/6/1954. Then there is the Two Colour Sunburst Strat, which left the factory in March 1957.

You can drool over the pre-CBS L serial number 1965 Lake Placid Blue Strat and the 1965 Strat in a Candy Apple Red, or the 1965 Three-Colour Sunburst Strat.

1965 Three Colour Sunburst Stratocaster

1965 Three Colour Sunburst Stratocaster

Perfect Provenance

None of them are exactly cheap, but if you want an almost perfect example of these historic Stratocaster models, then these have great provenance. Plus, Fender backs them up with a full two-year Fender Custom Shop service and they will hand-deliver them anywhere in the United States.

1965 Candy Apple Red Strat

1965 Candy Apple Red Strat

Certificate Of Authenticity

Each guitar also comes with a Fender Certificate Of Authenticity, which will make it easier to prove it is the real deal in years to come. So perfect for monied investors.

You can watch the video below to hear the full story of these vintage guitars and follow the link to the Reverb Fender store page.

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by Jef

3 responses to “Fender is selling five historic Stratocasters via a special Reverb ‘yard sale’”

  1. Janne says:

    Seems odd for them to do this.

    • Jeff says:

      Yeah why wouldn’t they give them away to somebody who could use it not some rich jerk who will only hoard it and it will never be heard from again. It’s not like they need the money. Or do they?

  2. Unapologist says:

    photographer should be fired on the spot. Just look at the low budget rubbish guitar stands he put them on! Any lacquer or finish will yellow/discolour in no time on those… really a picard facepalm award for that!

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