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Fender CEO Andy Mooney reveals new American acoustic guitar range for 2019

Fender CEO Andy Mooney reveals new American acoustic guitar range for 2019  ·  Source: YouTube/AMS


Fender’s CEO Andy Mooney has just stated in an interview with Rolling Stone that the company will be releasing a new line of US-built acoustic guitars in time for Winter NAMM 2019.


New Fender USA Acoustics?

Andy Mooney is the Scottish CEO of Fender. A guitar lover and player, he has been a guiding light for the American guitar company. His recent interview in the Rolling Stone has also revealed some interesting details about a new product line for 2019.

In the interview, the head honcho at Fender stated that the company is working on a new US-built acoustic guitar range. Prototypes have already been built and it appears they are already sought after by certain artists.

Last week, we had a funny situation where we had Phil Collen of Def Leppard come into our Corona factory to work on a signature heavy metal Charvel guitar. He saw the acoustic we were building there, picked it up and wanted to use it onstage that night. We had to say, “No, but as soon as we get it out in the spring of next year we’ll give it to you!”

Apparently the company has been working on this new acoustic guitar line up for the best part of two years now. It looks like this could be the first American-made acoustic guitar model. This will might shake up the acoustic guitar market, as Fender has stayed away from US-built models up until now.

We’ve always been strong in $1,000-or-below acoustic guitars, but we’ve never really had American-made acoustic guitars of the levels that artists would feel really good about playing onstage, he reveals … That has been a two-year R&D project for us – my treasured R&D project – and you’ll see the fruits of that labor coming out at a trade show in January of next year.

We haven’t got much more to go on at this time. But as Fender has been busy for two years, we’re expecting something good. We will have to wait until Winter NAMM 2019 to see what they release.

During the interview, Mr Mooney also mentioned Fender’s recent research into its customer base and growth trends for new guitar buyers. Its survey suggests that half of new and aspiring players are female and that more Hispanic and African-American players are learning guitar these days.

If you have never heard Andy Mooney speak, then you should check out the short video below as it gives more insight into his musical influences and where he comes from as a guitarist.

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