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Framus Dragon

Framus Dragon  ·  Source: Thomann

Thomann has some jaw-dropping deals on Framus valve amps at the moment, with over 50% off three high-end models by German manufacturer Framus. Theses amps normally retail for EUR 2799, so it’s a huge saving. But be quick: this offer is only on while stocks last.

Framus Dragon Head

Normally, this 100 Watt head costs EUR 2799. The deal price on this seriously flexible three-channel amp head is a mere EUR 999. That’s an awesome discount by any measure.

Framus Dragon

Framus Dragon

If you are in the market for a high quality amp head, then this deal could be for you.


Framus Ruby Riot I

The first version of the Ruby Riot is available in either black and red. The combo gives you 30 Watts via two channels to two parallel speakers (Celestion V30 and Celestion G12M Greenback). The amp is based around an  EL84 output stage and will give you a classic British flavour amp tone. These combos also have built in reverb.

The Ruby Riot I Combo is currently available for EUR 999 instead of its usual  EUR 2673. A massive saving!


Framus Ruby Riot II

The Ruby Riot II Combo is also hit by the Thomann’s Deal-Blitz – retailing for 999 instead of 2733 Euros. The amp mixes the characteristics of Vox and Matchless (DC-30) giving you some tasty 1960s tones.

Framus Ruby Riot II black

Framus Ruby Riot II black

This one appeals to me the most and has a similar set of features to my Bad Cat, but at a fraction of the cost.


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The whole thing is a bit fishy. On the product page at Thomann the amp head shows up as stocked since May 2019, so discounting a new-ish product from 2800 to 1000 EUR sounds like an awesome deal indeed. However, the product has been manufactured for more than 10 years, and there’s reason to assume the amps have been rotting in some warehouse for quite a while. From personal experience, I have received a number of items from Thomann over the years that were manufactured 4-5 years ago and where the manufacturer has released a bunch of newer revisions in… Read more »


Another point to consider is that Framus/Warwick are neither listing nor promoting any of these, and aren’t even listing them as discontinued, so it’s safe to assume that Framus has abandoned the product lines a very long time ago.

Buyer beware.