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EMG 'leak' new Fender Jim Root signature Jazzmaster

EMG 'leak' new Fender Jim Root signature Jazzmaster  ·  Source: EMG/Instagram

EMG’s Instagram page has put up a photo of the new Fender Jim Root Signature model ahead of any official announcement by Fender! 

EMG ‘leak’ Fender Jim Root Signature Jazzmaster

This new Fender Jazzmaster comes loaded with a pair of Jim Root Signature EMG humbuckers (surprise, surprise) .

It looks similar to the previous jet black stripped-back signature model Jazzmaster from a few years back. However, it is now white, has block neck markers and a smaller headstock than that stealth black one.

Retro Active?

The previous black signature mod had a set of active EMG 60/81 pickups. This new model looks like it will have something more like a pair of the Retro Active models, but with Mr Root’s own personalized version, thus making them a signature set.


If the #namm2020 is anything to go by, then we may have to wait until January to see this new signature model getting an official release, though.


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