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Elektron Analog Heat +FX OS 1.01 Upgrade

Elektron Analog Heat +FX OS 1.01 Upgrade  ·  Source: Elektron

Elektron Analog Heat +FX

Elektron turns up with the Analog Heat +FX.  ·  Source: Elektron

Analog Heat +FX

Analog Heat +FX  ·  Source: Elektron


With the Elektron Analog Heat +FX OS 1.01 Upgrade, the versatile effects unit gets a range of new creative and practical features.


It’s been almost a year since its release, and already Elektron has made a new OS Upgrade available from the official website.

A range of improvements and bug fixes have been included in the new OS 1.01 Upgrade, making this an exciting release. However, it’s important to note that this is exclusively for the Analog Heat +FX. Older models are not supported.

Analog Heat +FX OS 1.01 Upgrade

For starters, there are some interesting new features like momentary toggle. This allows you to engage the effects processing by holding the Active key, which is perfect for live use.

Meanwhile, there are a few new gain management functions, like the output gain parameter within the Preset Setup menu as well as the FX to USB parameter which you can find in the Audio Routing menu, that improves audio via USB.

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To make using the Analog Heat +FX more organic, there are a couple of randomization features. These include parameter randomization and a new slew function for RND LFO waveforms.

With these additions, you can get those out-of-control effects and step away from clinical or predictable effects processing. This makes the Analog Heat +FX even more fun in the live music environment.

What’s more, there are some essential bug fixes in the areas of MIDI, the Mod Matrix, and the VU meter, as well as issues with the GUI.

Elektron Analog Heat +FX
Analog Heat +FX

Elektron Analog Heat +FX

Rather than simply selecting one of the 8 stereo distortion circuits, the Analog Heat +FX now offers more hands-on performance-orientated controls that you might incorporate into your live setup.

When you dive into the digital effects, possibly the most exciting aspect is the customizable signal path. This makes it possible to place the heat circuit or compression anywhere you like in the signal chain as well as bypass any individual effect on the fly.

In addition, there are 512 preset slots to create a library of your own Flow effects chains for instant recall both in studio or on stage. The fun doesn’t stop there though, the Modulation page provides access to a flexible routing matrix and 3 LFOs.

Analog Heat +FX

The rear panel remains the same with stereo analogue I/O and a set of ports for CV and expression pedals. It also operates as an audio interface and provides MIDI I/O/T.

It’s unclear whether the Heat +FX will replace the Heat MKII completely, but it does seem likely because it offers so much more creative utility at just $150 more.

Pricing and availability:

The Analog Heat +FX OS 1.01 Upgrade is now available as a free download from the official Elektron website. Please note that this update is not compatible with the Analog Heat MKI and MKII, only the Analog Heat +FX is supported.

For the complete release notes list of improvements and bug fixes, follow this link to the Elektron webpage.

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Elektron Analog Heat +FX
Elektron Analog Heat +FX
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Elektron Analog Heat +FX OS 1.01 Upgrade

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3 responses to “More features, more fire with the Elektron Analog Heat +FX OS 1.01 Upgrade”

    Eric says:

    I think they missed an opportunity to put an analog FET compressor in this unit that interacted with the distortion block in some clever Swedish way, maybe with LFO control. Oh well.

    Nular says:

    Looks very cool, but those FX are screaming for a step sequencer with parameter locks. I guess that’s still doable via MIDI.

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