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Electro Harmonix MIG 50 head

Electro Harmonix MIG 50 head  ·  Source: Sound On Sound/Electro Harmonix


There’d been whispers on the guitar gear grapevine that Electro Harmonix were working on a MIG 50 amp. And the rumours have turned out to be on the money. I first heard about this new product some time ago, and now EH have made it official.



The MIG 50 is based on the Russian-made Sovtek MIG Amp Series that Electro Harmonix produced over 20 years ago. These were essentially a remake of an old Fender Bassman/Marshall Plexi circuit. These new reissue non-Master Volume 50-Watt heads could be a lot of fun – and hopefully cheap too!The idea seems to have been to remake the original amps, just with better quality components to make a good but basic valve circuit. They will seek to build on the popularity of the old amps, which were loud and sounded pretty decent.


This new MIG 50 uses three 12AX7 preamp valves and two 5081 power valves for 50 Watts of output. Despite it all looking quite simple, the Volume 1, Volume 2, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence will hopefully be all you need to get some good tone. The amps do have twin inputs labelled Normal and Bright, one of the aspects reminiscent of a Plexi style circuit.

I played through some of the old ’90s versions and they were good when really loud, but often they would fail on you because the build quality wasn’t exactly great. Hopefully, these new reissues will have ironed out all the bugs associated to using cheaper components.

Small Box

The MIG 50 is a small box head, and Electro Harmonix are offering a matching 2×12 cabinet to go with it.

If the price is right then these could be a good choice for gigging guitarists, but are no good for home players, as if they are like the originals, then they will be bloody loud!


Electro Harmonix


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Electro Harmonix MIG 50 head

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One response to “Electro Harmonix to reissue MIG 50 Sovtek amp”

    Craig Robichaud says:

    That was a horrible demo…He jacked the gain for channel one and it sounded great , actually pretty heavy…and he played a riff that sounded similar to AC/DC’s “it’s a long way to the top “….BUT he only performed on the 2nd, Heavy channel at a low gain…I own a Sovtek Mig100h, that i got brand new …. When companies like Musicians Friend were liquidating their stock…I should’ve bought all 6 they had..It’s a beast…plugged it into a 4×12 Marshall and couldn’t get it past 2 1/2 b4 it overwhelmed me… SO WHY DIDNT HE DEMONSTRATE THE B CHANNEL WITH FULL GAIN??? The 1st channel sounded awesome for being s supposed “Clean “ channel….SO SHOW ME IF ITS IDENTICAL TO CHANNEL 2 being dimed!!!

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