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There was a time when all you needed to run a music shop was bad hair, a patronising attitude and a passion for gear. And in my experience you also needed the ability to be on your feet for long periods of time, and talk intelligently about things you have no clue about (I’m still doing that). Not any more. With AMSonline it’s possible to develop your music shop staff smugness with a proper qualification.


The Academy of Music and Sound (AMS) has an online education portal – AMSonline. They offer degrees in Music Performance and Creative Music Production. Now they are unveiling a new BA(hons) program which includes modules on musical instrument retail.

The BA(Hons) Performance Industries degree course has a “Music Business/Entrepreneurship” pathway which focuses on music business management, performance arts management and employability and enterprise. These include study on sales and marketing, and the legal, financial and economic issues that music business professionals face. Although music retail is only one part of larger scheme of music professional studies it’s the first time this sort of course has been available.

AMSonline BA(Hons) Performance Industries

AMSonline BA(Hons) Performance Industries

Along with the standard 3 year course AMS are also offering a fast track entry to experience industry professionals. This injects them straight in to the final year, bypassing the first two years and the £12,000 cost attached to them. For employers in music retail, distribution or events wanting to develop their staff AMS also offer a flexible, part-time approach to the course. In as little as 18 months fast tracked staff can study part-time and come out with an honours degree.

AMS piloted the scheme last year and has attracted students from all sorts of backgrounds, from school leavers to professionals. They are currently recruiting for the October 2016 intake. So, if you’re serious about going beyond the shop floor and developing some industry-focused business skills then this is worth checking out.

You’ll find more information about the AMSonline BA(Hons) Performance Industries on their website.

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