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Gibson Lifeson EDS-1275 double neck. 1970s boat anchor anyone?

New Limited Edition Gibson Custom Shop Alex Lifeson EDS-1275 double neck in white  ·  Source:


Gibson Custom Shop have just announced a replica of Alex Lifeson’s own ’70s Gibson Double Neck, crafted in close collaboration with the artist himself. This very limited edition run of only 100 EDS-1275’s is an exact replica of Alex’s famous Farewell to Kings Double Neck.

This is really one for the fans, because no sane guitar player would fork out the required amount of cash to own a boat anchor that you can use for one or maybe two songs in your bands live set. Plus, it’s pointless in the studio, as you could just use a real 12-string and multi-track.


But – and it’s a big but – these were designed in the days of tape-based studios where you didn’t have infinite numbers of tracks to play with. Plus looking stupid live was all the rage in the ‘70s. I mean check out the flares and moustaches on most ‘70s rock icons. So I can see why they had their use back in the day.

Alex Lifeson himself once commented: “I acquired this (white) one in 1976, along with a cherry one, which I later gave to Gordie Johnson.” It’s been a mainstay with him live and is now an iconic instrument in its own right. Of course he didn’t have all the modern luxuries that we do now, so I’ll let Mr Lifeson off on this one occasion for wielding such a preposterous guitar.

However, if you are a lifelong fan of Lifeson and his work with the Canadian rock group Rush then you may well be into this behemoth of an instrument. As for me, I’d pass, as I would rather spend my money on another regular single neck guitar than a double-necked compromise. Details below and full spec here:

▪ Double Neck Construction: The classic Gibson Double Neck guitar
▪ Finish: Gibson’s classic hand-sprayed nitrocellulose finish in Arctic White
▪ Alex Lifeson Neck Profile: Neck profile digitally scanned to match Alex’s own
▪ Mini-Toggle Selector: Instant access to 6- or 12-string Play
▪ Limited Edition: First 25 signed and played by Alex Lifeson
▪ Pickups: Custom Buckers
▪ Aging: Gently aged to match the original guitar

Gibson Lifeson EDS-1275 double neck. 1970s boat anchor anyone?

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One response to “Gibson Lifeson EDS-1275 double neck. 1970s boat anchor anyone?”

    Marc says:

    I borrowed an Ibanez copy of one of these it was terrible.

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