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Boss reissues an 80s rackmount classic, the SDE-3000 but this time in a pedal format! We’re also treated to a special EVH edition, replicating Eddie’s famous wet/dry rig. Do these reissues serve up authentic 80s delay? Let’s take a closer look…


SDE-3000D Dual Delay

Making its debut in 1983, the original SDE-3000 secured its spot as a rackmount unit that would grace studios and stages throughout the decade. With its warm tones and adjustability, it became popular and has been used on some massive hits. Even today, guitarists love the originals.

So then, what’s new? The revised SDE-300D delay pedal provides both mono and stereo configuration. Achieved with independent and parallel operation.


We also have some cool new features:

  • 100 user memories
  • A retro inspired interface
  • MIDI compatibility

Overall, you get the beloved sound from the 80s unit, but with the technology and accessibility of a pedal .

Boss SDE-3000 Dual Delay

Boss SDE-3000 Dual Delay

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SDE-3000 EVH Dual Delay

How cool is this? Eddie himself worked with BOSS to ensure this pedal delivered exactly what he wanted.

30 years ago, Eddie Van Halen employed a pair of SDE-3000 delays through his three cabinet setup. Therefore, this box aims to achieve the same dry and wet sound from that original arrangement by offering separate Direct, Left and Right outputs.


The retro design with EVH’s iconic Frankenstein stripes houses some impressive features, Moreover, this delay pedal still includes all of the essential features of the original.

Furthermore, you get a neat set of EVH presets designed by Edward Van Halen himself; you can replicate Eddie’s wet/dry/wet setup from his three cabinet set up. Don’t worry if you don’t have three amps available though; the great man also created some presets designed to work with a conventional stereo amplifier rig.

SDE-3000EVH Outputs

Boss SDE-3000 EVH Dual Delay

Boss SDE-3000 EVH Dual Delay

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An 80s Classic Reborn?

We’re told that both pedals have MIDI and I/O capabilities, however, there’s an apparent lack of DIN-MIDI or USB-MIDI ports. This would suggest you need additional patch cables or adapters to gain MIDI connectivity; a bit of a pain!


Price-wise, BOSS has pitched them at $499 for the SDE-3000D and $599 for the SDE-3000 EVH. This seems a reasonable price when you consider that vintage Roland SDE-3000s come up for anywhere between $200-$800. That is of course, if you’re lucky enough to find one for sale…



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    Reason May says:

    For a Digital delay, Do you really need that? And so much money to Invest for a delay?

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