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Earthworks SV33 condenser microphone

The Earthworks SV33 condenser microphone is made for serious singing  ·  Source: Earthworks Audio

If your mic locker could do with some renovation, you are in for some good times, as there is no shortage of new microphones being announced at AES 2017. Earthworks, for example, unveiled a flagship model microphone at the expo – the SV33. This is a front address condenser mic designed for a pure, uncolored sound.

To get this accomplished, the SV33 relies on hand-tuned circuitry, a 14mm capsule, and Earthworks’ patented polar technology that delivers a cardioid pattern consistently up to 80 degrees off-axis. This design lets singers move freely in front of the microphone without sacrifices to timbre or level. Meanwhile, unwanted sound coming from the rear of the microphone gets rejected. Earthworks also touts the SV33’s very low handling noise and built-in windscreen for preventing plosives.

In terms of technical specs, the SV33 delivers a frequency response of 30Hz to 33kHz ±2dB at 5 inches with self-noise of 15dBA, yielding a 79dB S/N ratio. The mic’s maximum acoustic input level is 145dB SPL. These are very good readings for a high-profile condenser microphone.

Price and availability

The SV33 will be sold in December, priced at 2399 USD. The microphone is fully hand-made at Earthworks’ New Hampshire (US) headquarters, boasting an aluminium body with Nextel Dark Black plating for low reflections and increased durability. It ships with a flexible mounting bracket and custom-designed carrying case. Serious stuff all-around!

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