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Dwarfcraft USA boutique fuzz pedal bass guitar

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Dwarfcraft have announced the new Necromancer fuzz pedal and it doesn’t look as though it’ll be for the faint hearted. A boutique fuzz pedal made in the USA, this evil box of noise will work on both bass or guitar.


Based on a Super Fuzz-type circuit, this pedal incorporates a three-band EQ section, so you should have lots of scope for shaping that fuzz tone. Dwarfcraft have also put a ‘Mid’ toggle switch on the front that activates a deep EQ cut with a quick flick. The ‘Mids’ knob sets the frequency at which the Mid switch operates, and because its EQ cut is quite deep, you can shape the tone quite drastically. The pedal seems to be about extremes and the demo below should give you an idea of what to expect from the Necromancer.

The pedal has artwork designed by SMO who is a former animator of Metalocalypse. It’s very pink, with garish green and black graphics. It is also true bypass, and can be run from a 9-Volt negative tip power supply.

Necromancer is definitely not a subtle fuzz pedal and seems to be about offering an easy way to make your guitar sound like a dirge. The mid tone shaping will be useful I would imagine, as the low and high frequencies are really extreme already, so leaving the mid-range unaltered would make it really unfocused. This is definitely one for the hardcore fuzz freaks that want to scare the hell out of their audience. You may want to consider ear plugs when using this fuzz as it has some pretty ferocious extremes available to you through the EQ section. It is very bass and treble heavy, so with the mid-dip and scoop it should really make your amp sound like it is about to explode. Whether this is a good or bad thing will be subjective of course!

RRP USD $175

Official Dwarfcraft website


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