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Bastl Dude 5 channel mixer

Bastl Dude 5 channel mixer  ·  Source: Bastl Instruments

Bastl Dude 5 channel mixer

Bastl Dude 5 channel mixer  ·  Source: Bastl Instruments

I first saw this at Superbooth but it passed a little bit under the radar. I mean, how interesting can a 5 channel mixer be right? But the Bastl have released a video that shows you exactly how useful their mixer can be. Dude, it’s awesome.



We increasingly have these little boxes of noise knocking around: Pocket operators, Volcas, noise synths, effects boxes and the like. To hear them all at once you’re going to need a mixer. Even small mixers tend to be a bit on the chunky side and usually require power – why not have something simple, something useful, battery powered and much much cooler. Enter, Dude.

Dude has 5 inputs, 5 gain knobs and 5 mute buttons. That’s honestly all I need when mucking about with boxes of noise. It can run off 4 AA batteries for complete portability. There’s 20dB of gain available on each channel so you can really start crashing the sounds into each other in alarming ways. The mute buttons give you simple but effective performance control over your gear. Drop stuff in and out at will. Oh, this is just brilliant!

Bastl also say that there’s enough gain to turn it into a tone generator by feeding the output back to an input through a passive EQ and other simple circuits. In the video there’s a sneak preview of a passive BASS – TREBLE EQ circuit they are working on.

Bastl Instruments are the masters of little useful boxes of noise and utility. And this video brilliantly showcases the power of the perfectly pitched demonstration. I really would have passed this by had I not been poked by this helpful and quirky video. Even the clips of Bastl staff awkwardly saying “Dude!” to the camera is somehow endearing, because, well, because this is Bastl Instruments and they are adorable.

Dude is available from the Bastl Noise.Kitchen store for €75. More information on the website.


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3 responses to “Dude, it’s a 5 channel mono mixer and here’s why you want one”

    • Robin Vincent says:

      That’s like a thousand miles away from what the Dude is. There are a shed load of little mixers out there, but this has a performance edge and a size and purpose edge that makes it far more useful in my view.

  1. TDTDT says:

    Can we stop with the “cute objects in frame” overhead shot video demos already?

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