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Limited edition Dirty Shirley Amp by Dave Friedman

Limited edition Dirty Shirley Amp by Dave Friedman  ·  Source:

Dave Friedman has made amps for all the top guitar players around the world including Steve Stevens and Jerry Cantrell to name just two, both of whom own signature Friedman amps. This little brute has just been announced via Instagram by Dave as a very limited run for the holiday season, and is based on the full sized 40 watt Dirty Shirley head and cab.

Friedman Amps are in my opinion legendary and this little 20 watt JTM 45-flavoured mini amp has a lot of gear heads really excited. Dave Friedman uses nothing but the very best components in all his amps and this little beauty is no exception. I myself have been using one of his Pink Taco 20 watt amps both live and in the studio this last year and it is beyond awesome!

Each amp is handmade in Los Angeles, California and all have somewhat dubious names from the Brown Eye to the previously mentioned Pink Taco. They all sound absolutely amazing and look the part as well. With their classic lines, old school graphics and vintage vibe, Friedman amps both look and sound the part.

So if you like your classic Marshall flavoured rock tones then get in line – and fast – for this very special tone monster as they will sell quickly. Fully hand wired and featuring an all-valve build and custom-made transformers, this amp is something very special and likely to become highly collectable in the future.

The beauty of 20 watt valve amps like these is you can crank them at gigs as they easily keep up with a drummer, yet you can also use them full tilt in the studio for great recordings. However they also sound phenomenal at home volumes when you don’t want to annoy the neighbours. Friedman’s Master Volume circuit is above and beyond just about anything else on the market right now. Despite their very simple control layout, these amps are amazingly versatile and also have one of the most transparent effects loops I have ever used on an amp.

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