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Zynaptiq Wormhole deal

Save 50% on Zynaptiq Wormhole  ·  Source: Zynaptiq

Ready for some warped effects from another dimension? Zynaptiq Wormhole is an unusual multi effects plug-in that propels your audio signals into hyperspace. For a limited time, you can enter the Wormhole for half the regular price.

Zynaptiq is known for its unconventional plug-ins, which are popular with sound designers, film composers and adventurous musicians alike. From the classic Orange Vocoder, to the extraordinary Adaptiverb, to the innovative Intensity mastering plug-in, Zynaptiq’s products are all about thinking outside of the box.

Spectral inversion, pitch shifting and reverb

Consequently, Wormhole is not your average multi effects plug-in. It offers three sections, which you may combine to create all sorts of otherworldly effects. There’s the warp side, a spectral inversion processor with tilt and a low pass filter. It can sound like a ring or frequency modulator, pitch shifter, resonator, or anything in between.

The other side houses a 4-octave pitch shifter with four modes: smooth, tight, and two detune options. In the center, Zynaptiq has included an unusual dual reverb with a random modulation feature.

Add to that the plug-in’s morphing and blending capabilities, and you’ve got an effect that can sound like anything from sci-fi, to robots, to aliens. Wormhole also creates intricate, evolving soundscapes, shimmering reverbs, and ambient sounds. And if it’s that kind of day, it’ll also completely destroy your audio if you wish.

Get Zynaptiq Wormhole at 50% off

If you’d like to add Wormhole to your effects arsenal, now is a good time. For a limited time, Thomann is offering the plug-in for only EUR 89, 50% below its regular price of EUR 189.


Zynaptiq Wormhole is available for Windows (VST, VST3, AAX, 32/64 bit) and macOS (AU, VST, VST3, AAX). It uses iLok for copy protection, which means that you’ll need a free iLok account to activate it.

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