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Plugin Doctor

 ·  Source: DDMF

DDMF has released a true ‘power user’ tool for music producers – Plugindoctor. This is an analyzer for VST and AU plug-ins that comes recommended for plug-in developers who want to test their creations or users who want to understand exactly what a plug-in is doing to their audio.

Plugin Doctor features a double-precision FFT engine for independent stereo channel analysis. Linear analysis is possible via magnitude and phase response facilitated by delta or random input signal. Harmonic analysis is a possibility as well, with sinusoidal input signal and variable input strength and frequency for THD/THD+N calculation. A built-in oscilloscope is available for visualization.

Dynamics measurement is available too, with a ramping signal used to test compression or expansion, or an attack-release signal to check a compressor’s attack and decay response. Latency can be analyzed in detail, letting you know how many milliseconds are spent in your plug-in’s audio processing callback. What’s more, Plugin Analyzer lets you store different settings of plug-ins or take screenshots and compare them easily.

Overall, this is a fantastic tool to have for making the most out of your plug-ins or troubleshooting. It fills a gap within the digital audio world for sure.

Price & availability

Plugin doctor is available as a 32- and 64-bit standalone app. Free demo versions are available for Mac and Windows. The full version costs 16 EUR.

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It’s a pity this plug misses the phase analysis Christian Budde’s VST analyzer has. And that’s my most wanted feature.


There is a tool called Vst Plugin Analyzer, and it’s been out for 12 years now, and has much better interface. But it can’t load 64 bit.