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DDMF Bridgewize

 ·  Source: DDMF

Now that some DAWs are going 64-bit only (and macOS is exclusively 64-bit), the need for a reliable bit bridge is stronger than ever — at least for those of you still keeping around their 32-bit plug-ins and finding that your DAW doesn’t have a bridge built-in (Apple and Avid, we’re looking at you!) Of course, running them on a separate or virtual machine is always an opportunity, but it doesn’t exactly make for a seamless workflow.

That’s why developer DDMF’s Bridgewize is such a welcome entry — a bit-bridging app that lets you run 32-bit VST and AU plugins inside 64-bit DAWs on Windows and Mac computers.

Bridgewize features a plug-in organizer where all 32-bit software is listed. Audio transfer between the 64-bit DAW and the standalone 32-bit bridge is claimed to be zero-latency, with CPU use supposedly negligible.

Bridgewize is compatible with VST 2.4 plug-ins and runs in OS X 10.6 and higher, or Windows Vista and higher. It costs USD 30. A free demo version is available for Mac and Windows.

Overall, this appears to be a high-quality application capable of bringing a second life to your favorite 32-bit plug-ins in the 64-bit era. Check it out at DDMF’s.

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