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Dada Life Secret Sauce: Tasty Treats for your DAW

Dada Life Secret Sauce: Tasty Treats for your DAW  ·  Source: Dada Life


The Dada Life Secret Sauce bundle is a new EDM-friendly collection of 3 plug-ins with a reverb, a pitch riser effect, and a stereo widener.


Like the infamous Sausage Fattener, which also was licensed from developer Tailored Noise, each of the plug-ins in the Secret Sauce bundle works with the same ultra-simplistic two-knob interface.

Dada Life Secret Sauce

As mentioned, the Secret Sauce bundle is comprised of 3 different plug-ins: Space In-Your-Face, Eternal Return, and Wide Awake. Let’s investigate further and see what each one is about:

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Space In-Your-Face

Space In-Your-Face uses the reverb from the Endless Smile tension-building plug-in which was released back in 2017. Although it’s only got two knobs and a brightness switch, it’s a really effective tool for using during drops in your tracks.

The minimalistic interface makes it very straightforward when introducing automation to your workflow. Sometimes, when creativity strikes it’s better to have fewer controls to get in the way of a good idea.

Eternal Return


Another simple but effective ingredient in the Secret Sauce bundle is the Eternal Return. This allows you to create cycling pitch rise effects that seem to go on forever, perfect for adding edge to sounds during build-ups and breaks.

The effect works wonders on high frequencies, so the white noise sweeps and snare rolls have a whole new frenzy-inducing dimension to them. Once again, with a sparse control setup that’s easy to automate.

Wide Awake

Wide Awake doesn’t work quite like other stereo imaging plug-ins. It does widen the stereo, but in a very intense and dramatic way. This is a versatile effect that can be used to transform mono sounds into wide atmospheric soundscapes.

You can focus on the lows, highs, or the entire frequency range, so it’s perfect for static sound design or creating transitional vocal, synth, or percussive elements in your music.

Pricing and availability:

The Secret Sauce bundle is available directly from Dada Life.

More about the Dada Life Secret Sauce bundle:

Dada Life Secret Sauce: Tasty Treats for your DAW

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