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D16 Group Lush 2

D16 Group Lush 2.  ·  Source: D16 Group


With D16 Group Lush 2, the popular Roland SH-101 software recreation has been updated with features and now supports the Apple Silicon platform.


Like its predecessor, the LuSH-101, Lush 2 offers a multilayer approach, expanding the capabilities of the famous monosynth in every direction.

D16 Group Lush 2

With each of the eight layers, you can select or design sounds and assign their specific range over the keyboard or you can simply use the global preset library ranging from leads and basses to pads, effects, and drums.

With revisions to the VCO and filter algorithms, Lush 2 sounds better than ever and the self-oscillating filter has been remodeled for greater authenticity. While the interface looks almost identical to Lush-101, there are a few subtle changes here and there to streamline the overall workflow.


The mod matrix is more extensive than ever, allowing you to use a wider range of sources like the arpeggiator’s MIDI output. With the mixer, you can shape the dynamics of each sound with compression and EQ per layer, as well as send effects such as reverb, delay, and chorus.

The new developments Lush 2 brings sound promising, so does this mean that Nepheton, Drumazon, and Nithonat will be updated soon? We hope so.

Pricing and availability:

Although pricing is not yet known, Lush 2 is to be released later this month and will be available shortly after that from your favourite retailer.

The plugin supports VST 2, VST3 AU, and AAX on macOS (10.13 to 13 – native support for M1 and M2) and Windows (7 bsi 11).

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Image Sources:
  • Mixer: D16 Group
  • Mod Matrix Editor: D16 Group
  • Pitch Table: D16 Group
D16 Group Lush 2

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2 responses to “D16 Group Lush 2: The 101 emulation sounds better than ever”

    g. says:

    Unfortunately, nothing new has appeared lately. Nothing really new. Will SH-101 be available in V-Collection version soon? (I’m just assuming this.) All companies issue the same ones and there is almost no difference. There really isn’t much of a difference… I bought the Korg Collection because of the MS-20, then the Cherry MS-20 (PS-20), then Arturia also released it… OK, you can choose, but nothing new. This can be a joy, but it can also be a little frustrating. In the last decade, approx. Pigments is the only new vsti instrument. I think so.

    colin says:

    not sure why you ask this D16 is not Arturia. if you want SH101 this is your best option and does much more

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